Locker solutions

Parcel locker
Refrigerated lockers

Parcel lockers

Locker compartments


Dimensions and specs

80 x 380 x 640mm
(for books, CDs and perfumes and other small objects)


Dimensions and specs

190 x 380 x 640mm
(for small electronic devices, toys, cosmetics and clothing


Dimensions and specs

410 x 380 x 640mm
(for small appliances, a microwave oven or a coffee machine)

Refrigerated lockers

Standard configuration:

  • Ambient (+16°C) – 16 boxes
  • Cooling (+2/+4°C) – 12 boxes
  • Freezing (-18°C) – 4 boxes

Each box in the same size:

  • Modular structure – possibility to add additional boxes according to the needs
  • Power consumption 13,2 kWh/24h (with external temperature 20-25°C)